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A severed limb soars towards me in a bouquet of carnage from Erasmus's direction, a spectral arrow shooting through it to pin it into the ground beside me. I draw the runes, and I speak the words, not knowing whether or not they will work until the last syllable is spoken and all of this either ends, or does not.

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She rubs her nose and lips along my soft skin, teasing my pink nipple with her warm breath and causing it to gradually rise and stiffen, and I find myself struggling to even try to resist.She pushes her face deeper between my thighs, nibbling and kissing at my outer lips, discovering my pink pearl with her tongue when it forces me to cry out. " I whine out, and her eyes flick back upward to my face, playful but not understanding, hearing only my tone without my words, which as desperate for more as ever moaned a lustful slattern in the throes of heat.Licking, then suckling, she continues to purr into me, tremors from her rumbling coos making me squirm numbly, my body shuddering but unable to move, unable to stop or guide her, or flinch away when her tongue begins to lower. Her black-nailed fingertips caress up along my stomach once again, grasping and lightly massaging my breast while her tongue slithers and darts along the smooth pucker of my back passage, swirling around and along it, causing my thighs to flinch and squeeze of their own accord.Her tail continues to lash behind her as she descends, dragging her lips and tongue between my breasts and down my stomach, finally pulling away my sheet entirely and tossing it aside, leaving me not a shred of modesty for myself.

Her purr becomes a coo of interest and appreciation as she spreads my thighs apart, taking in first the sight of my bared womanhood, then the scent, though she acts as though she's never witnessed such a thing before.I whimper, feeling my toes curl, biting into my lower lip softly.

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